Happy Pepero Day everyone! If you're not familiar with this Korean celebration, I suggest you to read my old post about the topic :) On November 11th, Korean people usually give Pepero cookies to their friends, lovers... 

Unfortunately, I can't give you pepero (oh and I wish I was able to make some, but my cooking skills aren't good haha), but I can give you virtual chocolate and strawberry Pepero I drew for fun! (see below) And by the time I'm writing this, it is actually already the 12th in Korea. 

Anyways, I am here to give some news. I started working for a French association which goal is to promote Korean culture. I enjoy doing this and I hope the association will quickly grow! If you're curious about it and can read French, check out the website, I wrote some of the articles: Humming Korea.  

I also started a Twitter account where I am sharing every day news about South Korea, cosmetics and sometimes personal stuff! I am definitely more active there! Follow me to get more news :)

That's all for today! Thank you for still reading :)