Only three weeks left before I fly to Seoul ! I'm so not ready haha. I actually gave up half the things I planned to do because I am too lazy and I am supposed to enjoy the last days living in France (ahem, means not doing anything). And I am way too poor to buy a hair dryer and a curling iron (useless things I need in my life), I am saving up money to go to the restaurants in Paris next week.

So, I'm going to Seoul very soon, and as usual, I will do everything at the very last minute. Tokki and I haven't really planned what we are going to do when we'll be there, we actually only looked for food. So, I am just going to talk about few things I miss from my last trip to South Korea !

First, the crêpes from Spera (I think?), located in Hongdae ! The crêpes are pretty good and not expensive, good point when you're super hungry. You can have them filled with fruits, ice cream, cheesecakes... I think the cakes are unfrozen but still good. 

I also miss bubble teas from Bubble Pong and Bubble Tree (the one below is from Bubble Pong). I  have actually never ordered tea, I used to have a mango or passion smoothie with the tapioca pearls. And their smoothies are really good, especially the ones from Bubble Tree (ulzzang style guys working there). I'm pretty sure they sell other kinds of drinks with the tapioca pearls ! 
There is something else I am always craving for... deli manjoo (델리 만쥬) ! It is a little custard filled cake which is usually sold at subway stations. I got those at Gwanghwamun station I think. It's very sweet but I am in love with them ! I will try to shoot a video of the making of these sweet things ;) 
I swear it is the last time I am talking about food in this post ! For some reasons, I want to eat tteokbokki (떡볶이), though the first and the last time I ate this snack, my tummy hurted all night long (and I usually eat a lot of spicy dishes since I am lao). It wasn't spicy when I ate it but later... I swear I will always remember the pain lol. But it's pretty good and not expensive (cheap food lover here). It is about 2,000 won, really affordable !
The second dish is jjajangmyun (짜장면), it is a Chinese dish but I have only eaten it in South Korea (is it really Chinese ? or Chinese/Korean ? I have never been to China so I don't know..). I really like it, I thought the salsa would be salty as hell but it wasn't, it matches really well with the noodles ! 
There is something I really miss... stores that will only close at 10pm and night markets in Seoul streets! I live in a little town in France, and you don't know how frustrating it is to leave the stores at 7pm :( Especially when you get up in the afternoon when you're on break. I heard the department stores in Dongdaemun close at 5am... I'm not sure about this, I have to check it out ! The photo below is Myeongdong by night. 
The first store I want to go to is Joyrich in Sinsadong (a neighborhood for chic and hype people). There's a wallet I've wanted for months, it will probably be the thing I will buy first when I get there ! If I have enough money, and I doubt, I will buy clothes or accessorizes, I saw pretty stuff online !
I am a huge fan of INFINITE and I saw them last summer. It was amazing and one of the most memorable concerts I attended ! I am going to their concert in Seoul this year, I planned to go on the two days concert, I cannot wait ! I'm a bit sad I won't attend their concert in France, I bet it will be amazing!
There's a place in Myeongdong with purikura ! This little thing is addictive haha, I spend hours (actually half an hour, not kidding) decorating the purikura. I also took a purikura with SM artists lol, but it was so ugly I don't want to post it haha. 
That's all for the main things I miss ! There are more things but I just can't write all them down haha, I will talk about them when I'll be in South Korea ! By the way, if there are any topics you want me to talk about, just tell me ;) I am planning to write a post about concerts in South Korea, how to attend them etc. 



In one month, I will leave France in order to live in Seoul for a year. I am both excited and scared. I am excited because I started to hate living over here (being Asian can be a nightmare in France...) and I love Seoul, I only spent one month there but I really felt like it was my hometown haha. But, I am scared because of studies, I will start something new, and I'm actually scared of lectures in English since English isn't my mother tongue haha. BUT let's think positively, studying abroad will be fun, and I really really need something new in my life. 

I usually hate packing my stuff for a trip, so packing for one year.. can you just imagine my pain ? lol. I am so lazy that I am planning to buy everything in South Korea. I will just buy few things I really need before moving to Seoul... I'm broke, I even started to save up money, life is hard when you're poor :(

Life in Seoul will be crazy, I hope I'll be able to speak Korean ! I don't think my Korean songs knowledge will be helpful haha, I am still lazy to study Korean, I am stuck to the same spot. I hope my Korean university will provide Korean lessons. Speaking of the uni, I thought I would never enter it, I had so many troubles since I applied for the exchange program. I already hate my future university, so I'm not going to mention the name on the blog. I will be living in the dormitory of the uni, with three other girls, I hope we will get along well. I usually don't like living with people, but maybe it will be okay with strangers, I hope they are talkative cause I'm not, well not in French. 

Before going to the university, I will live in a guesthouse with my friend cause I'm going to Seoul about 20 days before school starts. I hope we will have the time to do everything we planned. I just can't wait ! My credit card will suffer a lot haha.

It's already 3:30am, I should go to bed, I will try to update this blog as much as possible, so stay tuned :) Questions and comments are appreciated, if you want to know something about life in South Korea, just ask ;)