In one month, I will leave France in order to live in Seoul for a year. I am both excited and scared. I am excited because I started to hate living over here (being Asian can be a nightmare in France...) and I love Seoul, I only spent one month there but I really felt like it was my hometown haha. But, I am scared because of studies, I will start something new, and I'm actually scared of lectures in English since English isn't my mother tongue haha. BUT let's think positively, studying abroad will be fun, and I really really need something new in my life. 

I usually hate packing my stuff for a trip, so packing for one year.. can you just imagine my pain ? lol. I am so lazy that I am planning to buy everything in South Korea. I will just buy few things I really need before moving to Seoul... I'm broke, I even started to save up money, life is hard when you're poor :(

Life in Seoul will be crazy, I hope I'll be able to speak Korean ! I don't think my Korean songs knowledge will be helpful haha, I am still lazy to study Korean, I am stuck to the same spot. I hope my Korean university will provide Korean lessons. Speaking of the uni, I thought I would never enter it, I had so many troubles since I applied for the exchange program. I already hate my future university, so I'm not going to mention the name on the blog. I will be living in the dormitory of the uni, with three other girls, I hope we will get along well. I usually don't like living with people, but maybe it will be okay with strangers, I hope they are talkative cause I'm not, well not in French. 

Before going to the university, I will live in a guesthouse with my friend cause I'm going to Seoul about 20 days before school starts. I hope we will have the time to do everything we planned. I just can't wait ! My credit card will suffer a lot haha.

It's already 3:30am, I should go to bed, I will try to update this blog as much as possible, so stay tuned :) Questions and comments are appreciated, if you want to know something about life in South Korea, just ask ;) 


  1. hey ;) Ah d'accords... 1 an ! I AM GONNA MISS YOU. Donnes de tes nouvelles et j'espère que tu vas profiter au maximum :)

    1. T'inquiète pas, je resterai sur Twitter, on sera juste décalées par rapport aux horaires ;) Merci beaucoup !

  2. Je suis sûre qu'une fois sur place tu oublieras toutes tes angoisses. Tu te feras à cette nouvelle routine, et j'ai retrouvé mon carnet d'adresses -enfin, pas complet celui là mais y a plein de boutiques que j'adore et où tu devrais aller shopper!


    1. Merci ! J'espère que ça se passera bien :) Il faut absolument que tu me montres ce carnet !

  3. You are absolutely so, so lucky to be an exchange student in Korea! I hope you have lots of fun, and learn a lot too! It's a beautiful country, I miss it so much. ;n; <3 Have fun, and keep us posted! ^__^

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  4. Wonderful post...I like your new blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    LOvely greets Nessa