Following the Trick Eye Museum, Tokki and I went to Garosugil. This street is located in Sinsadong, in Gangnam. Garosugil is well known for its trendy clothes stores, restaurants etc. If you are a fashion lover, you should go there, especially when you are sick of the casual Korean clothes you find everywhere. You can find a lof of foreign brands popular among young people. Not luxury brands, but I would say "chic street style", clothes are a little bit more expensive than the usual Korean clothes. 

At the entry of Garosugil, you would find a store named "MAGMAG". This store provides items from popular brands such as Adidas, Jeremy Scott, Joyrich, Lazy Oaf... It can be interesting during sales because they also sell stuff from brands that usually don't do sales (for example Joyrich). They sell clothes for men and women. I also found this store in Myeongdong. I was actually not allowed to take photos, sorry for the lack of photos :( 

If you walk a little bit, you would find in the same street, the store "Spicy Color". This store mostly provides Korean clothes. The pieces are interesting but be careful because you can sometimes find the same clothes in cheaper stores in Hongdae, Myeongdong, and even Dongdaemun !

After Spicy Color, we looked for Joyrich, because we actually went to Garosugil to go there. I actually had no idea where the store was, though I went there last summer haha. 

I saw the spot where I met one of my favorite rappers MYK and Kero One last year. I had to take a photo again haha. 

I wish I could meet them again (with Tablo haha), they are nice guys !

So, we were still looking for Joyrich. I was scared we missed it, so we asked Korean people the directions. They could actually not really speak English so they decided to bring us there. Nice guys haha. 

And we finally reached Joyrich, yay ! And actually, I didn't dare taking photos over there, especially because one of the girls working there was following us everywhere. So I ended up taking photos in the fitting room haha. 

Since I am a poor ass, I only bought the wallet I've been wanting for half a year haha. And fortunately it was out of stock on the Japanese online store, because I was willing to buy the black one instead of the turquoise one ! 

Next to the store was a restaurant or café and I think they were recording something for the TV show "Korea's next top model". Unfortunately we could not enter it :(

After, we decided to eat, I remember we ate really early because we were really craving for burgers (again). So we went to the restaurant "Apartamento". We both had the biggest burger of the restaurant (not that big actually) and shared a plate of French fries. I loved the burger, the fries were not as good but not bad. 

If you want to reach Garusogil, and I recommend you to go to this place because the street is beautiful, with a lot of trees, take the subway and get off at Sinsa station on line 3 and exit 8. 



Tokki and I went to the Trick Eye Museum located in Hongdae. Over there, you can enjoy trick eye art and take funny photos. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to take a lot of photos because we had to meet my friend, and most of the photos were lost due to a memory card problem :( I think I will go there again and take more photos ! However, you can see some of the photos I took over there ! 

At the same location as the Trick Eye Museum, you can also go to the Ice Museum and you can use the same ticket as the Trick Eye Museum one ! The place is basically made of ice, so they will provide you a blanket because it's really cold when you only wear skirts haha. You can see ice sculptures and also enjoy a ride on the ice slide ! 



Dani and I went to Hongdae (홍대) yesterday. Hongdae, also known as Hongik University, is an area popular among young people, especially university students and high schoolers. Hongdae is famous for its market and also for being a place where a lot of independent musicians perform.

So, we came across a band named "홍대 ABCD" (Hongdae ABCD). The band is composed of two members : A NAIVE (김동호 - Kim Dongho) in charge of the vocal, rap and percussion, and Sinwoo Sinwoo (김신우 - Kim Sinwoo) in charge of the vocal and the guitar. 

They cover popular pop songs, in Korean and English. I don't know if they sing original songs ? I really like 김동호's voice ! I've recorded some of their performances yesterday, check it out below :)

Check out their facebook homepage for more information and videos :)



Two weeks ago, I had to meet someone in Edae to get my tickets for INFINITE concerts. Edae, also known as Ewha University, is a famous place for shopping. There are a lot of little shops in the area. Since it is close to the university, there are also a lot of street foods and restaurants. 

After walking for a while, Tokki and I decided to do our first purikura (photo stickers) together. There was a purikura shop in the area, there were several purikura machines. 

In most of the purikura shops, you can usually use, for free, accessories such as hairbands, hats, wigs.. for the photos ! 

After taking the photos, you have to decorate them in a limited time, so you have to be quick ! And then you just have to wait for the machine to print out your purikura ! 

We chose a Japanese machine so it made us have big alien eyes hahaha. 

After doing the purikura, we walked a little bit and looked for a place to eat jjajangmyun (짜장면). In Seoul, you will usually find people wearing a red tshirt with a hat, they will give you information about the shops around, the cafés, the restaurants... We actually asked them where we could eat jjajangmyun !

I forgot the taste of jjajangmyun, and could actually not eat the whole plate. When it comes to Korean food, their plates and bowls are really really big ! I never finish my dishes :(
After eating, we just walked in Edae, looking for interesting shops.

We actually went randomly to shops only for the air conditioner because it was really hot on that day haha. We found some little shops with cute stuff. I was actually looking for a Korilakkuma pencil case but I could not find the one I bought last year :(

In the end of the afternoon, we met Sheemon and her friends and we went to a coffee shop, Mangosix. I had a waffle again. It was good but I actually did not like the ice cream, it was a yoghurt ice cream and it did not really match the waffle. I thought it was vanilla ice cream haha.

After Edae, we decided to go to the Namsan tower, also known as the N Seoul Tower. The tower was right behind our guesthouse so we just walked a little to take the cable car. You can also go to the tower without the cable car, you can walk (I don't know how long it takes since I am too lazy to walk) or take a bus. It costed around 8000 won to take the cable car, and around 9000 won to visit the tower where you can enjoy a night view of Seoul.

In the basement of the tower, you will find the teddy bear museum. We were a bit in a hurry so we didn't have the time to visit it ! But I will someday.

We took the elevator to go to the observation deck. We enjoyed a beautiful night view of Seoul thanks to all the lights ! But I think you should also visit this tower during day time, I guess it's really different ! I will someday, maybe during my winter break (because it is really hot during summer !).

You can also find a gift shop in the observation deck. There were also restaurants on the other floors, but I guess they are expensive ! I want to try one of them, it must be amazing to eat on top of Seoul city haha. 

And here is a night view of Seoul, not from the observation deck but from the bottom of the tower. 

Before going to the tower, we spotted a barbecue restaurant but when we came back it was already closed. So, we went to a restaurant next to our guesthouse. It was slightly more expensive than the one we had the day before and it was not as good, so I was a bit disappointed.

To finish with, I shot a short video of the streets of Edae, enjoy :)