Dani and I went to Hongdae (홍대) yesterday. Hongdae, also known as Hongik University, is an area popular among young people, especially university students and high schoolers. Hongdae is famous for its market and also for being a place where a lot of independent musicians perform.

So, we came across a band named "홍대 ABCD" (Hongdae ABCD). The band is composed of two members : A NAIVE (김동호 - Kim Dongho) in charge of the vocal, rap and percussion, and Sinwoo Sinwoo (김신우 - Kim Sinwoo) in charge of the vocal and the guitar. 

They cover popular pop songs, in Korean and English. I don't know if they sing original songs ? I really like 김동호's voice ! I've recorded some of their performances yesterday, check it out below :)

Check out their facebook homepage for more information and videos :)

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