I have been in Seoul for a week now. But I was so busy and tired to post anything here, I am trying to catch up now !

The travel to Seoul was really really tiring, and really long, I even got bitten by mosquitos when I was at Shanghai airport, waiting for my plane to South Korea. It was around 12pm when I reached Incheon airport, then, I took the airport bus to go to Seoul, it took a little bit more than one hour.
As expected, it was really hot, the weather was, and still is, unbearable. And after Tokki and I reached our guesthouse, it started to rain so we had to wait to go out.

On the first day, we first hung out in Myeongdong, where our guesthouse is located. Myeongdong is famous for its cosmeroad, this place is indeed the place to go to if you want to buy Korean makeup ! You will find many stores such as Etude House, Missha, The Face Shop, Banila co etc. The place hasn't change a lot, Jang Geun Suk's face is still on Nature Republic store haha, it's the same poster as last year. And of course, celebrities' faces everywhere !

We are lucky sales have started in August, it is really interesting for cosmetic products, you can often save up to 50%, if you want face mask sheets, you can find good deals (you have 20 sheets for 10 000 won I think ?).

We decided to go to SMTOWN's Everysing store located in the store "SPAO". I guess the whole building belongs to SM, their artists are always endorsed for SPAO's advertisings. 

Everysing is located at the last floor I think. It is a music and goodies store dedicated to SMTOWN artists. I think the one in Myeongdong only sells SMTOWN's stuff ! 

When we left SPAO, we met cute mascots advertising for Cat Cafe and Dog Cafe in the streets.

Then, we headed to Hongdae because I wanted to make an appointment for my hair, but it was closed :( So, we went to Natuur Pop, a place for ice cream. Tokki chose a matcha bingsu (빙수) while I took a mango smoothie.

There were INFINITE everywhere in the cafe haha, me was happy. They were even on the Korean thingy that vibrates when your order is ready. We got Hoya hehe.

When packing for Seoul, I didn't bring a lot of stuff, I almost didn't bring any cosmetic products haha. So I bought these ones. Etude House was doing its "1 + 1" promotion, that is why I got like 2 same products haha, same goes for Missha. I wanted a makeup remover but Etude House only had makeup removers you use with water, so I bought the Baking Powder BB cream remover. It smells like lemon meringue tart, yummy !

To finish with, I made a quick video of the streets of Myeongdong ! I hope you will like it :) 

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  1. Awwwwww t'as l'air de bien t'amuser la bas May :D