On the second day, we woke up early because I wanted to go to the hairdresser in Hongdae. Before doing my hair, we went to "Caffé Bene" to eat our breakfast. I had a berries waffle, it was pretty good. 

Then we headed to Hair & Joy, the hairdresser in Hongdae. I lightenned up my hair a little bit, I like the color (it's actually highlights, my hair is too damaged to be bleached). If you want to dye your hair, I recommend you to go there, you have to take off at Hongdae Station (line 2 ; exit 8). 

While I was there, it started to rain, a heavy rain. So, we decided to go to the mall instead of walking through Hongdae. Before going to the mall, we had a burger at "The Joe" in Hongdae. We are always craving for burgers so expect a lot of burgers photos here haha. 

The burger was okay, the bread was kinda sweet. In South Korea, the bread is usually a little bit sweet, more like a sweet bun. I liked the french fries though, the cheese was good (I became a fat ass) ! 

After lunch, we went to COEX mall. Somehow, it stopped raining when we got there haha. We didn't do anything special there because we couldn't find the stores we wanted to go to, I easily get lost in this mall :( So, we only went to Etude House. 

After the mall, we got back to Myeongdong to buy some makeup products again haha. 

After shopping, we went to a Korean barbecue near our guesthouse. We had pork ribs, it was so so so good. I need to go there again ! But it was a bit expensive (I guess it is actual a basic price but I already had cheaper barbecue which were good too !). 

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  1. hey ;) Purée ça donne super envie. La bouffe a l'air délicieuse en tout cas. Les produits de beauté ( L ) kisses ~