The fashion magazine Vogue held its annual Fashion Night in Seoul on Sep, 27th. This year it was held in the department store Shinsegae in the famous district Myeongdong.  

Unlike the VFNO in Paris, you don't need an invitation to attend the pre-party. The pre-party was held in the whole building. You can enjoy little animations and have food and drinks while shopping. Unfortunately, I did not attend it because I was supposed to study haha. So, when I got there, the pre-party was already over.

A lot of celebrities attended this party, I did not see all of them because I really got there late, I am a bit sad I missed f(x)'s Krystal :( I tried to take photos, but I really really suck at being a paparazzi haha. And I kinda miss my DSLR for this kind of events because my camera is a bit slow. Sorry for the low quality photos !

After the pre-party, the brand MCM held a VIP party on the rooftop of Shinsegae (you needed an invitation to attend it). The famous Korean girlsband 2NE1 held a mini-concert ! They performed their most famous songs ; actually, everytime I see them, they always perform the same songs haha. I was first in the "backstages" so I could see the girls very well and they could also see us *fangirling*, CL actually looked and smiled at us twice haha. Then, I had to go with the other guests, I was still close to the stage, but not right in front of it. I tried to take photos, they are all blurred hahaha, poor me. 

I love Dara's new hair, it is so cute. It is blond and pink, like mine last week haha. By the way, someone told me, Dara and I had the same hair, we are sisters haha (but at least she is pretty). 

We were lucky the weather was good on that night because the day after it rained a lot. I really enjoyed that place, we could even see the N Tower !

So many spotlights !

I also managed to shoot two fancams of 2NE1's performances : "Can't nobody" and "Do you love me?" (I love this song so much !!!). I am really sorry for the sound quality, I was right beside the speakers so the sound is really poor. I hope it didn't affect my camera's mic...

2NE1 - Can't nobody

2NE1 - Do you love me?



As Tokki was leaving, we had a urge to visit a lot of places in Seoul. We were really lacking of time, so we went to Itaewon and Insadong on the same day. Before going there, we had a breakfast in the coffee shop "A Twosome Place". I had a bagel with cheese, I was really craving for cheese haha. 

After this, we headed to 이태원 (Itaewon) ! This area is also known as the foreigner district. A lot of non-Korean people live over there, so if you miss speaking English, you can go there ! There are a lot of foreign restaurants but I have not tried them yet. Actually, I went there last year and found a cute area with all these restaurants, but the last time I went there I could not find anything. I don't remember which subway exit I took :( So I didn't see a lot of things the last time I went there, I only took random photos.

We planned to eat in Itaewon, but since we could not find the foreign restaurants area, we went to Insadong instead... If you wonder how the Korean subway is, here are some photos haha. I will take more photos next time.

The subway is so clean in Seoul ! I don't know about the other countries, but it is soooooo dirty in Paris that Korean subways looks amazing haha. There is also air conditionner, so no bad smell !

So, we headed to 인사동 (Insadong), the traditional district of Seoul. You can find traditional items, like fans, and traditional Korean food in this district. There are also a lot of art galleries. The names of the stores in this district are all written in Korean, and I think it is the only place in Seoul where you can find the names in hangul (Etude House, Starbucks, Missha etc.).

Then, we went to the 쌈지길 (ssamzigil). This is a famous area in Insadong where you can find restaurants, museum, souvenir shops and take purikura while wearing a Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress ! Tokki and I tried pretty hanboks, but I realize my face was really weird in these photos, so I'm not uploading them haha. Of course, the place was crowded ! I think that when we left, a little orchestra played music in the middle of the area ! This place is really interesting, especially for arts and poo lovers (don't ask me why Korean people have this crazy about 똥 haha) !

Before going back home, Tokki and I had 떡볶이 (tteokbokki) around Apgujeong. I swear it is the last time I eat this dish. I am really not fond of the rice cake :( Korean people love it. I would not recommend it if you don't like rice cakes nor spicy things, because it is really spicy for people who are not used to spicy dishes ! And if you are willing to order it, eat it with someone else ! Korean people usually share it. Tokki and I didn't share and I think I ate like three cakes only ㅠ.ㅠ