On August 10th, the Korean branch of Joyrich held a party for its first anniversary. The party was held at bar Sette in Sinsadong, not far from the Joyrich store. The dress code was of course Joyrich, you needed at least one item from the brand to join the party. 

Once you entered the party, you could enjoy free drinks (all based on different kinds of mojitos) and also some snacks. In the middle of the party, they also held a lucky draw event to win one of their latest items. 

Tokki and I went to the party after INFINITE's concert so we were already a bit tired haha. Overall, the party was pretty good, since it was free (well, you had to buy their products), the music was good (DJ Lasong, DJ Shaun, DJ YTst, DJ SOMEONE), and the place was nice. We saw a lot of people attending the party, especially around the lucky draw event. We even saw David Melgar, SHINee's Key, Kim Wonjung, Park Hyungseop... And maybe more models attended the party ! 

I didn't take a lot of photos, and the ones I took are all so bad haha, I am sorry about this !


  1. I'm dying omg. T_T So lucky I can't even... aghh! I'm super jealous! Looks like an awesome time!

    And I did answer your Korean gel liner question back on my bloggie, but I'll just say it again here. xD I find that Tonymoly's backstage gel liner is one of my most-used eyeliners, so it's pretty good! C: I use the 02 brown, and the colour is really nice. *u* Cheap, too!

    1. Yeah that's one of the good points of living in Seoul haha. Hope you can attend one of these events too ;)
      Thank you, I will look for it then ^-^

  2. Je suis tellement jalouse, pas parce que tu as vu keykey mais parce que tu as vu shaun <3

    1. Moi j'étais surtout contente d'avoir vu Hyungseop haha.