I usually spend a lot of time in Hongdae because it is one of my favorite places. As I previously said, it is a place where students usually hang out after class. There are a lot of little shops, cute coffee shops and good clubs (I am still in the process of trying out all the clubs in Seoul in order to tell you which one is the best haha). Even if I don't have any particular things to do, I like going there, though it is a bit far from my place (30 or 40 mins by subway). 

The thing is that I spend a lot of time over there but I never take any photos, I don't even know why haha. It has been like one month and a half that I am here but I still have no photos of Hongdae's main street... 

My favorite 노래방 (noraebang/karaoke), "Noblesse", is located in Hongdae. This place is not really expensive and is pretty good. The sound quality is good and I love the rooms. I heard a lot of famous people go to this place ! I saw that Block B members went there like two or three weeks ago !

Since this place is famous, you usually have to wait to get a room and the bad point is that you won't have free time like in the other 노래방 ! The last time I went to the 노래방, I got like 1 free hour ! But the place is really good so you should try it haha. What's more, I think you can have ice cream and pop corn for 1,000 won ! 

The rooms are soooo cosy, I love them haha ! 

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I was in a hurry, you know you have to be quick to choose the songs and all haha. By the way, this 노래방 provides english instructions for the remote, that's good ! 

After singing, we decided to find the STYLENANDA flagship store in Hongdae. The store is not located in the main street of Hongdae, I mean the one which is crowded, next to the exit 9 of Hongdae station. It was a bit difficult to find it, I cannot explain how to get there, you should go with me haha. 

STYLENANDA provides pretty and high quality clothes, so it is a bit expensive. The store was very classy, unfortunately I could not take photos inside as it was forbidden. I really like the front store !

On the first floor, you can try their photobooth... for FREE ! Yeah everything is expensive in this store but the photobooth is free ! The photo quality is bad though ! Too much brightness and contrast ! Here are the photos I took with Tokki haha. Don't mind our faces. 

As I said, STYLENANDA is located in the other side of Hongdae. I call it "the beautiful Hongdae" because the streets are really different from the main streets. There are less people, so it is cleaner. I actually think Hongdae is not really a clean district since a lot of young people hang out and drink there. But this side is really different, it is really quiet. There are a lot of little shops and restaurants. I really enjoy going there !

After going to Hongdae, we went back to Myeongdong and went to the Lotte Young Plaza because the shoes we wanted at STYLENANDA were sold out :( And the STYLENANDA pop-up store is located in the Lotte Young Plazza ! 

The Lotte Young Plaza is a department store where you will mainly find clothes for young people. They sell Korean brands and also foreign brands if I remember well. And if you are looking for the SMTOWN pop-up store it is located in the basement of the department store. 

Finally, we could not find our shoes in the pop-up store neither :( STYLENANDA opened a new store in Jamsil two weeks ago, I will try to go there and I hope I will find all the items that are out of stock in the other stores ! 

Since the stores were about to close, we went to T.G.I Friday to have diner. We both had a burger haha, I told you we were burgers lovers !

And here is a very very quick view of Hongdae from the "beautiful" side ! I swear I will take more photos and longer videos later :)


  1. Oh my gosh you have no idea how jealous I am right now*-* I really want to visit Korea~ It's so awesome that you live there! That shopping centre looks so awesome, I only look at Stylenanda online, and I love the clothes on there hehe^-^ I've followed your blog so I hope you can continue to post about all your adventures in Korea! x

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    1. Thank you for following ^^ Hope you will visit South Korea someday, I really like this country ^^

  2. "On the first floor, you can try their photobooth... for FREE !" Et nous qui pensions que ca coûtait des thune haha.. Les rues sont trop belles, pourquoi c'est comme en France?! :(

    1. Grave tellement ça coûte cher mdr. J'en ai abusé d'ailleurs... Oui c'est super calme, propre, j'aime bien cette partie du quartier !