One week after my arrival in Seoul, I had to take an audition. I actually did not have the time to practice and was kinda lazy to do so haha. So, I totally failed it - no regrets - but it was a good experience and kinda fun at the same time. 

Before going to the audition, Tokki and I wanted to try the 비빔밥 (bibimbap) next to our guesthouse. Unfortunately, there was no meat in this one. I usually like it with meat and hot rice, you know the 돌솥비빔밥 (dolsot bibimbap) ! This dish is basically rice with vegetables and spicy sauce. You have to mix it up before eating ! This one was pretty good, although I am not a rice lover. 

After the restaurant, we decided to try Kim Jaejoong's Coffee Cojjee in Apgujeong since the audition took place in Gangnam. If you want to go there you have to take off at the Apgujeong Rodeo station. I actually don't think there are a lot of things to do over there, except if you are really rich because the only stores over there are luxury stores. And it was so hot on that day that there was nobody in the streets. However, if you're a SMTOWN fan, you can see their training center over there.

Coffee Cojjee was about 10 minutes far from the subway station. It is located at the first floor of the famous Korean hair and make up salon "The Red Carpet". This salon is famous because Korean celebrities usually go there to get their hair done. 

There were three reasons why we went to that coffee shop. First was because it was in Gangnam and we needed to rest somewhere, second was because Tokki wanted to get her hair cut and I wanted to check out the make up services prices, and as a JYJ fan, I had to visit Jaejoong's coffee shop haha. And I admit, I wanted to see Jaejoong as he sometimes goes to his coffee shop, but I heard he actually did it few days before I went haha. I don't know if I am lucky this year, but instead of seeing Jaejoong there, I saw INFINITE members !!! That was so crazy, it was my first time seeing them that close, I mean closer than on stage. Actually, I did expect to see few celebrities as they go there, but not my favorite kpop group ! In the end, we did not check the prices of the hair salon, I am not sure we could go there because there was INFINITE. Maybe another day ? I also saw Tasty, they are super tall haha. 

I wanted to take photos of the coffee shop but because of INFINITE, I was not really allowed because their managers would have think I was taking photos of the members...  So, I only took a photo of the CD's stall before being told I was not allowed :(

About the drinks over there, I wanted something sweet, but if I remember well they almost only served coffee drinks, there were not a lot of sweet beverages. I only took a lemonade. At that moment, I thought it was expensive, but it is actually the same prices in the other coffee shops. And remember we were in Apgujeong, the most expensive district in Seoul ! They don't sell pastries, one of the main purpose of this coffee shop is to provide drinks to the Red Carpet's customers !

We stayed at the coffee shop until the audition, and after the audition we went to a cat café in Gangnam. Yes, Tokki and I were not satisfied with the previous cat café so we tried another one with Dani ! And I totally loved this one, so expect a lot of photos haha. Cat haters, you can just skip this part !

In this café, the cats were cuter than in the previous one and it was less expensive ! It was about 8,000 won with a free drink ! The place also looked cleaner. I am definitely going back to this place ! 

I didn't mention it in my other post but you have to follow rules. First you have to wash your hands with the hands sanitizer and take off your shoes (they will provide you slippers) to prevent the cats from catching germs and keep the place clean. There are also other rules you have to follow, see below. 

They sell a large range of drinks so you can order ades, coffees, chocolate and other beverages, what's more, they were good ! I got the cherry ade !

So, now is the most interesting part : the cats ! Most of them were sleeping at that moment too, but they seem to like people more than the cats from the other coffee shop. And they were so cute and soft, I totally love them ! 

The one below was soooo cute, it was my favorite one, so expect a lot of photos of him haha. 

Omg look at this cutie !!!

Shooting a new ad for Nikon haha.

Later, the staff member gave us cat food in order to feed the cats, see the video below :)


  1. Ze me trompe ou il y a Please be mine tout à droite en haut sur l'étagère ? o.o
    Le chat roux me fait trop rire XD

  2. Those cats are so cute hehe I really like the idea of a cat cafe^-^ And oh my gosh I can't believe you saw Infinite, they're my most favourite band hehe - I'm literally dying of jealously over here*-* x

    1. Yeah that's a great idea, they should open cat cafes everywhere, especially for lonely people like me lol. Yes I know girl, I saw Hoya so close that I was dying inside, trying not to show it hahaha. And it was like 3 days after their concert, too much INFINITE at the same time !

  3. Ils sont trop mignons :)