Seoul fashion week SS14 was held on Oct. 18-23 in IFC Mall in Seoul. On the 21st, the famous Korean brand STYLENANDA held a special fashion show for the brand KKXX. After the fashion show, EPIK HIGH and G-DRAGON held a free concert. 

Though we had to study for the next day's mid-term exam, the girls and I decided to attend the show ! Actually, I would do anything to see EPIK HIGH, so I did not care about the exam haha. What is more I also really like the brand KKXX and G-DRAGON ! 

We knew about the show a bit late so when we went to the mall, there were already a lot of people waiting for the show to start ! It was difficult to take pictures and record videos. Please forgive me for the poor quality of the photos :(

After the fashion show, Epik High started the concert. I was so happy they sang old songs because they are my favorite ones ! Tablo came to the 1st floor, where we were, during 춥다 performance, I was going crazy haha. And Mithra also came on the last performance ! Unfortunately, I could not see DJ Tukutz as I was in a bad spot :(

The show was amazing ! Then G-DRAGON came. It was good to see him again, especially because he sang his new songs. I was happy to hear 니가 뭔데 on stage, actually I'd like to hear all of his new songs on stage.

The whole show was good, too bad it was too short. I did not attend other fashion shows ; I was actually supposed to attend the one where my friend worked on the day after, but my friends and I got lazy because it was right after the exam, so we just skipped it and I went shopping instead haha. 
The funny part of that night was that after the show, we took the same elevator as Zion.T haha. It is becoming so common to see Korean celebrities...

I recorded some fancams, check them out below ! Please watch them in 720p :)


EPIK HIGH - 우산 (Umbrella)

EPIK HIGH - 춥다 (It's cold)

EPIK HIGH - 1분 1초 (1 minute 1 second)


G-DRAGON - 니가 뭔데 (WHO YOU?)

G-DRAGON - 삐딱하게 (Crooked)




Last month, I was hanging out in Garosugil with Eunji when a photographer asked me if he could take a photo of me. He told me he was working for the brand Customellow (clothing brand for men) but I had no idea where the photos would be uploaded. Fortunately, a friend of mine found the photos on his blog. 

The photographer's name is MARSHELL. He also works for other brands. You can see his work on his blog.



Céline and I were chilling in Hongdae yesterday because we were sick of studying for mid-terms (though I am not studying that much haha). We bought street food and decided to go to the playground to enjoy street performances. So, I was eating my takoyaki when I heard someone covering a song I really like : Bumkey's "Bad girl". The singer/rapper was G9BON from "On & On" and the one at percussion was Gak San. Both of them are from the indie label (I think?) "Flow Mass". 

I ended up listening to the whole performance because I really liked the rapper's rapping and the songs he covered. Other artists from the same label also performed but I didn't record them unfortunately. Gak San is also a singer, I really like his voice, I heard it while he was singing with the rapper Kimo. In the end, the other rapper from On & On, Jaywon, came to rap with his mate G9BON. By the way, On & On also have original songs, you can check them out on their Facebook page !

After recording their performance, I found out my phone's mic doesn't work anymore, we can hear the voice but the sound is so bad... I suggest you to listen with earphones !

Check out their facebook homepage for more information and videos ! 


This month "Popular Korean Songs" post will be special. I actually came back to school last month so I did not really have the time to go out and determine which Korean songs are the most popular. 

Actually, around my university, they are always playing Bumkey, Primary, Dynamic Duo and G-DRAGON's songs. But I decided to only choose one song for September, because when I went out, it was the most played song; and also because I really really like this song. I even heard it twice in a bar (Korean bars barely play kpop). The song I chose is G-DRAGON's 삐딱하게 

G-DRAGON's album "Coup d'Etat" is really popular in Seoul, I always hear songs from this album in the streets, mostly 삐딱하게, BLACK, 미치GO and 니가 뭔데. 

G-DRAGON -  삐딱하게

What do you think of this song and G-DRAGON's comeback ? Don't forget to check out my fancam of his performance of 삐딱하게 here :D 



I cannot believe it took me more than two months to talk about what I have done in August haha. Yes, I am almost done ! So, I will finally talk about Everland, the huge Korean amusement park !

This amusement park is a bit like a Korean Disneyworld. Indeed, it looks like a magical, fairy world with several themed worlds : European adventure, Magic land, Zootopia, Global fair and American adventure. But it is way cheaper than Disneyworld, on that day I payed 35,000 won ! 

Tokki, Dani and I got there in the morning so there was not a lot of people. But, I remember we went to Everland on Korean national day so the place was really crowded in the afternoon ! 

Everland has a lot of little shops, there was even an Etude House store ! 

The first attraction we did was the Kpop Hologram. It is basically an hologram show. On that day it was Psy's show. I think there was 2NE1 and BIGBANG before ! I love hologram concerts, it looks so real, and it's funny haha. Sometimes, attractions in Everland requires you to get an additional ticket to enter them. It was the case for the hologram show, this one was free. 

When the show is over, you can go to a kpop store and buy goods. It is actually a YG store, there are only BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY stuff haha.

And if you didn't have enough of PSY, you can have snacks with his face on them ! 

Then we visited the Pororo shop haha. 

Since it was summer, the whole park was mainly decorated with sea world stuff. 

We finally reached the second attraction we wanted to try : the hurricane ! I love this kind of attractions, though I am always scared of them haha. But, I think this one was okay. I actually didn't expect it to be that fast, I would not recommend it if you cannot stand attractions that move a lot. You may end up throwing up ! 

After the Hurricane, we headed to the restaurant in front of the attraction because it was raining. I don't remember how much I paid for my meal but it was too expensive, I think I was still hungry after haha. Still, it is cheaper than in Disneyland. 

I think we waited for a long time in the restaurant because of the rain. Fortunately, it was sunny after the rain, it was even too hot !!! But thanks god, there were a lot of this air conditionner with water thingy haha. 

The trash cans are so cute !!!

Since we just had lunch, we decided to go to the Safari World to digest, we didn't want to vomit in the attractions haha. The Safari World was really far from the place we were in, so we had to walk a lot.

And we finally reached Zootopia, the place dedicated to the animals ! There were animals everywhere, it was like a small zoo !

The girls and I went to the Safari World ! We went to the old one because I wanted to see the white tigers haha. There is a new one, the "Lost Valley", I don't know what kind of animals they show over there, I think I will visit it the next time I go to Everland !

In this attraction, you ride a little bus and like a safari, you see animals ! If you don't speak Korean, you can ride the bus for international visitors. The white tigers are so beautiful. In the end of the trip, you can see bears performing little shows for food haha. I shot a video of our safari trip, see below ! 

As usual, there was a souvenir shop next to the attraction with plenty of cute animal dolls !

Since it was in the same area, we decided to go to the Amazon Express. 

We saw the horror maze, I really wanted to try it but we had to pay 5,000 won so we didn't. I will try it next time I go to Everland. Maybe I will try the Horrow Maze II if it is free !

We had a break before going back to attractions. I bought ice cream balls : 빅구슬 아이스. I don't remember the taste haha. I think it was not bad, except the purple ball, it tasted too chemical.

The last world we visited was the "American Adventure", this one was my favorite ! By the way, it is also the place where the Hurricane is ! 

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to try all the attractions in this place because we had to go back home early ! But someday, I will definitely try all the attractions in this world ! So, we only tried the Double Rock Spin and the Rolling X-Train. We queued for a long time to get into the Rolling X-Train. Something bad happened to Tokki and I. We gave our bags to Dani since she did not want to ride it. And once we were in the line, we realized we forgot to keep out entrance ticket ! Yes, you need to show your entrance ticket at every attraction, I don't even know why... I have been told we cannot ride the attractions without it. So, we had to queue once again ㅠㅠ The worst part is that the guy did not even check our ticket :( But never forget to keep it with you because I had to show it at every attraction I rode !

After visiting the American Adventure we went back to Seoul. It was the first time I went to Everland, and overall it was pretty fun. I wish I had more time to try all the attractions but it was crowded on that day. Though it is not as crowded as in Disneyland Paris, you don't have to queue for hours haha. 
I will go to Everland again this month, maybe after my mid terms. If you're in South Korea, I advise you to go to Everland before October 31th because they are currently holding their Halloween event !  Zombies are coming in the night haha. And if you go there on friday or saturday, you can enjoy the "Horror club fest" which is a performance of Korean DJ's and hip hop artists. I am not sure I can attend it since I have a lot of plans coming up on fridays and saturdays, I will try to convince my friends, I really don't want to miss Primary haha. 

When Tokki and I came back to Seoul, we had a honey bread as a sweet diner in John and Jin's café in Myeongdong. It was really good but so huge. That is why it was our diner haha.