The Gangnam district in Seoul started its annual festival on October, 1st. This festival is mainly dedicated to the Korean wave (hallyu), with Korean fashion shows, a kpop concert, the "Gangnam Grand Sale" and the International Peace Marathon. 

The fashion festival was held from the 3rd to the 5th, I actually planned to attend it but my friends and I had so many plans that I could not go there. I kinda miss a lot of fashion events I planned to go to because I lack of time :( 

So, I only attended the hallyu concert. The Gangnam Hanryu Festival is an outdoor concert held next to the COEX mall. And... it is FREE ! Popular kpop bands usually perform at this concert, last year it was TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls Generation, wow I wished I was there to see TVXQ performing ! I'm pretty sure they performed more songs than in the SMTOWN concert haha. 

This year, four bands performed : INFINITE, EXO, SHINee and GIRL'S DAY. I guess I am really lucky this year with INFINITE. I didn't expect to see them again this year.. and for free haha. What is more, EXO and SHINee are also two of my favorite kpop bands. I don't really know about GIRL'S DAY, but the songs they performed were good !

I went to the concert like three hours before it started, and I actually originally planned to go to the mall before the concert but there was already a lot of people so my friend and I just queued. I even thought we could not go there anymore, that was crazy. 

Before the concert started, little bands and singers performed. I actually don't know any of them, there was M.I.B, but I don't listen to their music. The concert started at 7pm with EXO. I tried to take photos and videos but I still suck at it. Especially because I was really really far from the stage (my first time being that far), and my camera is really bad when it comes to zoom really far (my videos are all "shaking" though I was not shaking at all). 

As I said, the concert started with EXO, fortunately. I knew I was among EXO fans, it scared me even before the concert started because the Korean EXO fans (ahem I mean sasaengs) are usually crazy. And I was right, I almost fell down a lot of times, and I even lost my friend haha. They were the only fans in the audience to be that crazy and to push everybody. I think they left the concert after the performance because it was really quiet after EXO's perfs haha. 

Here is my first attempt to take photos of the members. 

I really really wanted to see the performance of Wolf since I love the choreo and the song, but I really could not see anything. It was useless to shoot the performance :( So I only have fancams of the songs 365 and Growl. And I had no idea who I was shooting, except Luhan haha. 

EXO - 365

EXO - 으르렁 (Growl)

After EXO, GIRL'S DAY started to perform. Suddenly the crowd was quiet, there were only three fanboys screaming next to me haha.



After GIRL'S DAY, it was the turn of INFINITE ! I was mainly going for them, so, you may hear me screaming and shouting during the performances aha. It was so good, I felt like it was their concert, actually, for INFINITE and SHINee, it really felt like mini showcases !

INFINITE - 다시 돌아와 

It is actually the first fancam of INFINITE I've ever made. And I guess it is one of the most useless haha. And the funniest thing is that I took photos of all the bands but the INFINITE ones are the worst, I'm so sad, I was still trying all the modes :( And Gyu always has a weird face. I'm still posting them because they make me laugh haha, I'm such a mean fan. My fancams are mainly focused on Sunggyu and Hoya because they are my favorite members (I hate saying this, it sounds like I don't like the other members). Actually, it is because Hoya is the one that catch my attention the most on stage, so I usually follow him when they're on stage ! I am so sad I didn't take more close-ups of Sungjong :(


They also performed their latest song "Request" ! I don't particularly like this song (I actually like the remix version in the teaser more than the original one) but I love how Hoya dances to this song !

INFINITE - Request

After "Request", they performed "그 해 여름". I was actually surprised they performed this song in this kind of events !

INFINITE - 그 해 여름

The song I expected the most was "Man in Love". I love this song so much, especially when I'm depressed haha. This fancam is actually my favorite because the boys are so happy during this performance 

INFINITE - Man in love

The last performance was my favorite song, 추격자 (The Chaser).


The final group was SHINee. They started with the songs "Dream girl" and "Sherlock". 

SHINee - Dream girl

SHINee - Sherlock

The concert finally became a mini SHINee showcase. EXO's members Suho and Baekhyun came back to the stage as MC's. There was a countdown on the screen for SHINee's first performance of their new song "Everybody". 

Baekhyun even sang EXO's song "Baby don't cry", and Suho did his famous impersonation of Jonghyun, Baekhyun also tried to do so. 

SHINee came back to sing one of their latests ballads "너와 나의 거리 (Selene 6.23)". I was first disappointed that it was not "Better off" from the same repackage album because I like it more. I actually did not really listen to Selene 6.23, but since the  concert, I really like this song. The live version is so good. Onew's voice is so beautiful, and he is so cute with his new hair. 

SHINee - 너와 나의 거리 (Selene 6.23)

Then they did a short interview, it was really SHINee's comeback showcase haha. I don't know what happened to Key but the make-up stylists put so much bb cream on his face, he looked like a vampire, I'm not kidding, he looked sick :( 

The two last songs were their new songs, see the fancams below ! 

SHINee - 상사병 (Symptoms)

SHINee - Everybody 

The photo below reminds me of Etude House's latest advert hahaha. 

Finally, EXO's members came back to the stage. And I just can't stop laughing at Sehun's face on every photo (I told you I was a mean fan, especially because it is Sehun). And Luhan's hair after taking off the hat haha. I love these guys. 

Overall, the concert was pretty good. I was happy to see my favorite groups. I was really happy SHINee members as five again because the last times I've seen them was last year and every time they were only four. Did you notice I almost only shot Onew on the fancams ? haha. I'm a bit disappointed I suck at taking photos and that my worst photos are INFINITE's and EXO's because I originally wanted to take only photos and videos of these two bands since I have plenty of SHINee's fancams haha (it is the Korean band I've seen the most in my life !). 


  1. Perfectioooooooon ! J'adore les nouvelles de SHINee surtout Symptoms *-* Chou de race les EXO ils me maaaanquent ! ET puis INFINITE, toujours au top ♥♥♥♥ C'est vraiment bien qu'ils aient chanté autant de chanson !

    1. Moi je préfère Everybody ! Mais bon j'ai surtout craqué sur Selene ;-;

  2. Wah it looks like so much fun, thanks for sharing^-^ Just out of curiousity, do you study or work in Korea, or are you just living there? x

    1. I study here ^^

    2. That's really cool! Which University do you go to and what do you study there? ^-^ x

  3. I'm in the international college of Kookmin univ ^^ I study business administration.

  4. aw looks like soo much fun! Wish i was there!!

  5. Girls day!!! They're so pretty ^_^
    Yura and Sojin♥ ~~
    You're so lucky omg!