Céline and I were chilling in Hongdae yesterday because we were sick of studying for mid-terms (though I am not studying that much haha). We bought street food and decided to go to the playground to enjoy street performances. So, I was eating my takoyaki when I heard someone covering a song I really like : Bumkey's "Bad girl". The singer/rapper was G9BON from "On & On" and the one at percussion was Gak San. Both of them are from the indie label (I think?) "Flow Mass". 

I ended up listening to the whole performance because I really liked the rapper's rapping and the songs he covered. Other artists from the same label also performed but I didn't record them unfortunately. Gak San is also a singer, I really like his voice, I heard it while he was singing with the rapper Kimo. In the end, the other rapper from On & On, Jaywon, came to rap with his mate G9BON. By the way, On & On also have original songs, you can check them out on their Facebook page !

After recording their performance, I found out my phone's mic doesn't work anymore, we can hear the voice but the sound is so bad... I suggest you to listen with earphones !

Check out their facebook homepage for more information and videos ! 


  1. I love how you record the songs, it gives readers something nice to see and experience Seoul without actually going there! *u* Thanks for this again - I wish I could listen in real time. D: Sigh.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy it ^-^ I will try to record more street performances (I need to find a way to record it though..)

  2. Interesting~ :D I always enjoyed street performances~ and its cool you're in Korea! I'm planning to visit next year.

    following you now~