This month "Popular Korean Songs" post will be special. I actually came back to school last month so I did not really have the time to go out and determine which Korean songs are the most popular. 

Actually, around my university, they are always playing Bumkey, Primary, Dynamic Duo and G-DRAGON's songs. But I decided to only choose one song for September, because when I went out, it was the most played song; and also because I really really like this song. I even heard it twice in a bar (Korean bars barely play kpop). The song I chose is G-DRAGON's 삐딱하게 

G-DRAGON's album "Coup d'Etat" is really popular in Seoul, I always hear songs from this album in the streets, mostly 삐딱하게, BLACK, 미치GO and 니가 뭔데. 

G-DRAGON -  삐딱하게

What do you think of this song and G-DRAGON's comeback ? Don't forget to check out my fancam of his performance of 삐딱하게 here :D 

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