From June 22 to September 22, the Seoul Arts Center held an exhibition of the Studio Ghibli's layouts ! I was so excited to go there ! Unfortunately we were forbidden to take photos of the layouts. They were so beautiful and amazing. Sometimes, the original layouts were coupled with a clip from the movies to show us the whole process of the movie clip. It was amazing !!!

At the end of the exhibition, there was a room full of the visitors' little drawings. It was so cute ! Céline and I also did it too, the four stickers in the middle are ours haha. 

There was also a souvenirs shop, of course all the goods were expensive. I got caught taking photos so I could only take two photos of the goods. I want them ㅜ ㅜ 

And finally... the best thing was the No-Face from "Spirited Away", I love him so much !!! I also took a photo with him haha. 



Gwanghwamun Plaza (also known as Gwanghwamun Square) is one of Seoul's most famous place. It is located at Gwanghwamun station, right in front of 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung), one of South Korea's famous palace. I really like this place because it's a wide open space and you can see the moutains and the palace from the plaza, it's really beautiful. 

You can see the statue of the admiral Yi Sun-Si (이순시) who is like a national hero for South Korea for saving the country twice. In front of the statue you can see fountains, kids like playing over there during summer haha. 

There is also the statue of the King Sejong, the king who created the Korean alphabet "hangul".

You will find in Gwanghwamun one of Olleh biggest stores, the book store "Kyobo" which is really really big. There are also museums but I've never been there. Around the square you can find a lot of restaurants too !



Since I am living in Seoul, I admit I kinda miss my dog. Fortunately, besides the cat cafés, Seoul has a lot of dog cafés too ! The most famous one is "Bau House" located in the Hongdae area. 

Bau House is known as the cleanest dog café in Seoul. The place is indeed clean and very spacious. Unlike the cat cafés, you don't have to take off your shoes to enjoy your time in the coffee shop. 

I went there in August, so I don't remember the price, I guess it was about the same as the cat cafés. The dogs are more active than the cats, so it was kinda difficult to take photos of them :(

That's so funny how dogs just casually sit on the seats haha. I think you can take your own dog to the café too, and let it play with the other dogs. There was also another "room" with small dogs. I didn't spend much time with them because we had to go and I don't like small dogs that much. 

I recorded short clips, you can see below :)



Before going to the club, Eunji and I watched a street performance in Hongdae. Fortunately, I changed my phone and can record videos again, I really missed it ! We came accross this street band, which has actually no band name, no facebook page, it's a temporary band. Their music style is hip hop, I really like their rapping style ! Especially the style of the two guys wearing caps, Woon and JCM, they're my favorite ones haha. 

The video start with a band performance and then there are solo performances. I actually wanted to record more videos but I had to save my battery :( I really really like the one doing the last solo in my video. If I had more battery, I would have recorded all of his solos haha.

What do you think of their performance ? 



Today is Pepero day in South Korea ! Pepero is Lotte's cookie stick, it is pretty similar to Glico's Pocky. And on November 11th, Korean people celebrate the 빼빼로 데이 (Pepero day), because it is 11.11 and it reminds them of the shape of pepero cookies ! On Pepero Day, you give pepero cookies to someone special, to your lover, your friends, it is pretty similar to Valentine's day. 

Before that day, you can find a lot of cute pepero packages and plushes everywhere ! There are even kits for those who want to make their own pepero ! There are different flavors : original, strawberry, almond, peanut, oreo, melon... 

For this special day, Lotte changed the packaging of its box, behind the box you can write a message to the person whom you're going to give the pepero to ;)

There's even a pepero song, someone sent it to me this afternoon haha, it's so cute ! 

So, what do you guys think about this day ? Would you like to celebrate it too ? 



Studying in South Korea is really hell, I have tests and presentations every week though I did not take a lot of courses. I never have the time to blog, I am sorry for the lack of posts :( 

Well, today I am going to write a post for cookies and cakes lovers. If you go to Hongdae, you should not miss this spot ! Unfortunately, though it is in a popular spot, this place is a bit hidden, I did not notice it at first. If you know where the popular club Cocoon is located, this cute cake shop is right in front of it ! 

Looks good, right ?

Chocolat Yum serves cute cookies and cakes, so cute you want to buy all of them and never eat them haha.

They have a European inspiration for the decoration, the place looks likes French and British cake shops, that's so cute ! 

Besides the cute cookies, you can also order cakes and cake pieces if you don't want to buy the whole cake. I tried the red shortcake which is basically the same as the white one but with a strawberry coulis and a piece of meringue, so yummy ! 

I wanna try one of those ! They look so yummy !!!

Mmh.. I feel so hungry after writing this post, I should go to Chocolat Yum very soon.. 배고파 ㅠㅠ