Since I am living in Seoul, I admit I kinda miss my dog. Fortunately, besides the cat cafés, Seoul has a lot of dog cafés too ! The most famous one is "Bau House" located in the Hongdae area. 

Bau House is known as the cleanest dog café in Seoul. The place is indeed clean and very spacious. Unlike the cat cafés, you don't have to take off your shoes to enjoy your time in the coffee shop. 

I went there in August, so I don't remember the price, I guess it was about the same as the cat cafés. The dogs are more active than the cats, so it was kinda difficult to take photos of them :(

That's so funny how dogs just casually sit on the seats haha. I think you can take your own dog to the café too, and let it play with the other dogs. There was also another "room" with small dogs. I didn't spend much time with them because we had to go and I don't like small dogs that much. 

I recorded short clips, you can see below :)

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