Gwanghwamun Plaza (also known as Gwanghwamun Square) is one of Seoul's most famous place. It is located at Gwanghwamun station, right in front of 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung), one of South Korea's famous palace. I really like this place because it's a wide open space and you can see the moutains and the palace from the plaza, it's really beautiful. 

You can see the statue of the admiral Yi Sun-Si (이순시) who is like a national hero for South Korea for saving the country twice. In front of the statue you can see fountains, kids like playing over there during summer haha. 

There is also the statue of the King Sejong, the king who created the Korean alphabet "hangul".

You will find in Gwanghwamun one of Olleh biggest stores, the book store "Kyobo" which is really really big. There are also museums but I've never been there. Around the square you can find a lot of restaurants too !


  1. Quel temps fait-il pour que des gamins pataugent en tenues d'été ? C'est marrant de revoir en photo des lieux où j'ai été, ça me rend nostalgique. Je me demande si ça a beaucoup changé entre temps.

    1. Je crois que c'était au mois d'août !