From June 22 to September 22, the Seoul Arts Center held an exhibition of the Studio Ghibli's layouts ! I was so excited to go there ! Unfortunately we were forbidden to take photos of the layouts. They were so beautiful and amazing. Sometimes, the original layouts were coupled with a clip from the movies to show us the whole process of the movie clip. It was amazing !!!

At the end of the exhibition, there was a room full of the visitors' little drawings. It was so cute ! Céline and I also did it too, the four stickers in the middle are ours haha. 

There was also a souvenirs shop, of course all the goods were expensive. I got caught taking photos so I could only take two photos of the goods. I want them ㅜ ㅜ 

And finally... the best thing was the No-Face from "Spirited Away", I love him so much !!! I also took a photo with him haha. 


  1. Omg i love all the movies from Studio Ghibli, you're so so lucky to be able to visit the exhibition!
    Its such a shame that you weren't allowed to take photos because that would've been extremely awesome :')
    Also the ponyo toy is so adorable, it looks so soft and cuddly hehe !
    Thanks for sharing, you made me soo jealous ~~


    1. Yeah it was really good !! My friend got caught taking photos during the exhibition so I did not dare trying ㅜㅜ

  2. Flippant quand le petit frantôme te regarde. Tu as de la chance d'y être allée, profites bien de ton séjour et n'oublie pas de bosser - hihi la phrase qui fâche, je te taquine. Sinon, j'adore ta documentation du quotidien. Tu rentres quand en France ? T'es censée rester combien de temps à Seoul en somme ?

    1. Haha moi j'adore cette photo, j'adore ce personnage !
      Je rentre cet hiver pendant un mois et après je retourne en Corée du Sud, j'y resterai jusqu'en juillet/août !

  3. I wish I could see this exhib' <3