My family visited Seoul last month, so I took them to some popular places. We went to Insadong and this time I took more photos. There are mostly food photos since there are a lot of street food in this place haha.

I finally tried the 꿀타래, the Korean "dragon's beard candy". It is made with honey and is filled with almonds, peanuts or chocolate if I remember well. I don't even remember which one I chose, maybe the peanuts one? It was really good! 

We ended up eating a Korean dish, I don't remember the name. It's spicy chicken stew. It was really good !



I was so busy with my final exams that I did not have the time to post anything. But I have a lot of posts in mind, I will catch up during this winter, don't worry :) 

Here are some shots I took in Suwon, a city near Seoul. I think my friends and I went there in October, during the Chuseok holidays ! You can go to this city by riding the subway, it is really convenient !

Suwon is known for the Hwaseong fortress, so we visited it. But we missed the trolley time, the schedule already ended when we wanted to ride it :(

On our way home, we went through a street with only pet shops, so the girls and I spent no less than thirty minutes in this street haha. They were so cute, especially the dogs. See the video below !