HAPPY 설날 !

새해 복 많이 받으세요 ! Today is 설날 in South Korea, lunar new year. Korean people usually spend the new year with their family. Young people receive money from elders. My Korean friend told me that if you visit elders, even though you're not part of the family, they would give money to you. I don't know if it is true haha. Eunji gave me this little fortune cookie as a present. 

I was so surprised the message inside was so long. I asked her to translate it for me and it is something like :
"You should acknowledge your extraordinary competence. Tell yourself you are brilliant, 
you deserve to do that. People will recognize it as time goes by".

The message is more an advice than a fortune teller, but I like it haha. It is so different from the messages from the other cookies I had. I hope you guys will spend a great lunar new year :) 



On saturday, I met Eunji because we planned to have lunch together and then go to MIXOP flea market. Since I live by myself now and all my friends are busy, it is difficult to go to the restaurant on weekdays, so I was really happy to meet her haha. 

Since we haven't met for one month, she suggested me to try a burger restaurant, because she knows I'm a burger lover. Yes, I plan to collect the addresses of all my favorite burger places in Seoul, and I will share them with you by the end of my trip ;) 

So, Eunji picked a popular place in Garosugil, Deli Heinzburg. I love the interior of this place ! It's pretty cosy for a burger restaurant and it felt warm. Perfect place for a rainy day ! 

We went there at noon so it was pretty empty, but later, the place was quickly filled up with people. While we were waiting for our order, Eunji and I shared a grapefruit ade, as it was one of the restaurant's speciality. The beverage was in a huge jar and it was obviously meant to be shared. Sharing drinks and dishes is very common in South Korea. So, don't be surprised if you order only one drink and the waiter comes back with two straws !

After a little while, our burgers came ! We ordered the same burger, the Casanova one. By the way, if you are wondering what is in the burger, the restaurant provide a menu with rough French, German, English and Japanese translations ! It was not that accurate but, you have an idea of what you are ordering ;) 

I ordered this burger because it contained bacon, I'm a bacon burger lover haha. The restaurant allowed us to choose an extra sauce. I had a bleu cheese one. So goood! I usually don't like the patties in South Korea but the one in this burger was good, the bun was good too. I love everything about this burger. Except the pickles that I did not eat and the onions that I asked to be removed. Along with the burgers, we ordered a chili potato thing. I don't remember the name but it was fresh potatoes with chili sauce and cheese. It was good, but I'd rather have french fries instead. 

After lunch, we headed to Apgujeong Rodeo for MIXOP flea market. I actually went there because I wanted to see 송해나 since she works under the ESteem agency. Although we went there when the market started, there were already a lot people queuing to enter the market. I expected the place to be more spacious and with free entry, I mean, no need to queue. The line was so long that we decided to go to Looktique café instead, since it was close to Mixop store. 

The Looktique café opened two weeks ago, just before I came back to South Korea. The café has an eco-friendly design. I really like it. It's spacious and luminous. There's also a terrace, I already bet the place will be full on sunny days ! On the first floor, you can either choose to sit under the natural light, or in the space with the weird yellow light haha. 

As we just had lunch, we only ordered juices mixed with ice. And they were hell expensive. They are actually provided by Super Juice, a brand claiming that they only use fresh fruits, no sugar nor chemical stuff. Although it was raining, it was not really cold, so the beverage was welcomed! I don't remember the name of my drink but it contained strawberry, apple and passion fruit. 

I love the lighting of this place so much ! Maybe because it was cloudy, I liked the natural light even more ! Since it is Looktique café, you can also read and buy their magazines. They also sell the past issues, in case you missed one ! 

After a while, we decided to try again the Mixop flea market haha. But even though it was almost the end, there were still a lot of people lining :( By the way, on the same day, SMent was holding an audition, so there were a lot of kids queuing in the building next to Mixop. The line was even more longer. Well, in the end, I did not go to the market, so I only watched through the windows who was inside. There were 김진경 (Kim Jinkyung) who is the model appearing in B1A4's latest music video, 이선정 (Lee Sunjung), 여혜원 (Yeo Hyewon), 정호연 (Jung Hoyeon), Irene and others that I did not see. I am not really interested in these models, though I wanted to see what Jinkyung and Irene looked like in real life haha. The model that caught my attention was Sunjung. I think she has interesting features. 

I hope the next fashion flea market will be more spacious and interesting ! 


홍대 ABCD 오랜만이야!

After I took the final exams, I went back to France for Christmas break. I stayed there for one month, and I admit I kinda missed South Korea. 

I came back to Seoul on monday, and it was snowing hard ! The first thing I wanted to do in Seoul was actually watching a performance of the street band 홍대 ABCD ! I already introduced you this street band in a previous post. I am so sad I missed their Christmas concert while I was in France :(

Fortunately, while I was in Hongdae last week, I came across them again ! I was so happy haha! It was pretty cold but there were a lot of street bands performing on that day, they're so brave !

I recorded some of their performances and this time, I manage to have more videos of 신우 singing. The last time, I almost only shot 동호 haha.

Check out their facebook homepage for more information and videos :)



When my parents came to South Korea last november, they wanted to visit some historical places. So, I took them to one of the most famous palaces in Seoul : 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung). 

As I mentioned it in before, this palace is located in Gwanghwamun, behind the plaza. It is funny how even the plaza looks different during fall ! 

We went to the palace in late morning, early afternoon. At certain hours, you can get the chance to see the royal guard changing ceremonies. 

Since it was fall, the most interesting thing to see in the palace was, for me, the trees ! I have been to this palace several times, so I did not take a lot of photos. What I liked the most was the colors of the place in autumn. It really had a different feeling. 

Since the entrance is not expensive (3,000 won), I saw many people going there only to spend a peaceful day. There was also a grandfather painting in front of the lake. 

During fall, almost all the trees are golden in South Korea. It is so beautiful ! It's so different from the trees in my country haha. 

After visiting the palace, you can go to the traditional folk village for free. I really like this part !!! But unfortunately, we had to move cause my family got hungry haha. 

Spot my grandmother with her new Korean 할머니 style hahaha. 

You may want to see more photos of the palace architecture and of the folk village, so please visit my instagram profile. I took more photos of these places two years ago :) 



My roommates always complain about me buying too many magazines in South Korea. I am actually willing to stop though, because I realized I will not live in South Korea forever, and sending them to France is quite expensive ! 

Since I cannot fully understand Korean language yet, I can only look at the pictures, just like a kid. I usually buy magazines for fashion and beauty purposes, so it is enough for me. Though I cannot read them, I really like the way Korean people arrange every post in the magazines. It looks fresh and fun to read, all you want to do is learn Korean to read them ! 

In this post, I will introduce you briefly some Korean magazines I've bought and which kind of content they offer because you may not always be able to read them in the bookstore !

The Korean version of Vogue Girl must be similar to the other version of this magazine. I have actually never read it, but I guess it is at least a bit similar to Vogue. Just like other fashion magazines, Vogue Girl is about last fashion and beauty trends. It mainly focus about catwalks trends and especially foreign fashion. But they are also inspired by Korean celebrities showing what to where, what to buy etc. But since it is Vogue Girl, the content is more or less for young women, so it looks less "serious" than the Vogue issues. 

This kind of magazine is not the kind I would actually buy. I only bought it because I like 김명수's photo shoot haha. This magazine is more into fashion than into cosmetics ! 

If you are really into Korean celebrities and are looking for the perfect magazine about Korean fashion and cosmetics, Céci is for you ! This magazine always offer gorgeous photo shootings of Korean celebrities. Everytime I buy it, I'm never disappointed and I would "read" it again and again. Although this magazine may be 50% about fashion and 50% about beauty, for some reasons it looks like the content is mainly about beauty haha. There are various articles about beauty products, such as review, beauty awards, makeup tutorials (which is what I love about Asian magazines!)... And Céci always come with a beauty product as a gift ! I even got a box with bb creams and more with one of their issues !

Once again, I bought this magazine because I loved 명수's photo shoot ! Don't ask me how many magazines I bought for him, at that time he was popular because he released his second photobook. And it happened that I really like the photo shoot from Céci ! They always have awesome shoots of the celebrities. And although I really like this magazine, I would not buy it really often because it is really heavy. Not good for people who are not living in South Korea :( I had to struggle to not buy the issue with Troublemaker ! 

Nylon Korea is my favorite magazine ! I like everything about this magazine, even the typography haha. I don't know if it is similar to the other edition since there is no French edition. The magazine is about fashion, beauty, culture.. It does not only focus on haute couture clothes, making the items more affordable for us. The content may be similar to other magazines, but there is something about Nylon I really like. I think it is the way editors arrange the articles, the photos. It always enjoy "reading" it !

As you can see, the content looks really fresh and funky. I guess mainly young women read it.

OhBoy! is a free magazine dealing with various subjects. Contrary to the other magazines I've introduced you, this one does not talk about fashion nor beauty stuff. Its editors claim to be eco-friendly and art lovers. The point of this magazine is the photo shoots. To me, they are the best ones, with 1stLook. I really like them. Since it is free, you cannot find it in bookstores, but in stores like Joyrich or Galleria.

The issue with f(x)'s Krystal was about cats, even the photo shoot of her was cat themed. I really really like the photos !

Korean people are known for having a great fashion sense. Hence, there are a lot of street fashion magazines. Cracker Your Wardrobe is one of Korea's most famous street style magazines.
The particularity of this magazine is that it does not focus on Seoul, there are also shots from Busan, New York, Paris, Tokyo etc. So people's styles are very different, it is very inspiring ! There is also the section "Attack your wardrobe" which allow us to see people's wardrobes and places, I really like this part haha.

If you really like fashion and unusual fashion styles, this magazine is for you. It really offers various fashion styles which make this magazine unique. Sometimes, the magazine comes with a small edition of the Japanese magazines Fruits and Tune.

Looktique is one of South Korea's most popular street style magazines. Unlike Cracker Your Wardrobe, this magazine focus on trendy items. The shoots are really good. The styles are pretty similar, there is less variety than in CYW. But it is really pleasant to look at, even the paper is a high quality one. The photographers are seeking for gorgeous people, so they are usually models.
Looktique also covers little fashion events, such as fashion markets and private fashion parties (like store opening parties).

This magazine praises Korean creators, if you like them, you should buy this magazine ! What is more, if you like Korean models, you will always see them in the magazines, it is also interesting to see them in their own fashion style, it's different from what you see in the photo shoots :) My ugly photo was once published in this magazine, I was not even aware of it :( For more information about the content of the magazine, check out their Facebook page.

I am pretty sure you all know 1stLook magazine. It is a little magazine coming every two weeks. It is about fashion and celebrities. They always cover the latest huge events, like awards ceremonies. They also do gorgeous photo shooting. As I said before, they're my favorites with OhBoy!'s.

The awesome fact is that this magazine is cheap, it only costs 500 won. But you can also get it for free at some places like Olive Young or CGV!

High Cut is a magazine similar to 1stLook. The content is pretty the same but with less photos and since I cannot read Korean I cannot really compare them. High Cut usually has great photo shoots as well. The whole magazine looks more classy than 1stLook. Besides the photo shoots, there is nothing else that caught my attention. That is why I only have one issue.

I hope this post will help you choosing Korean magazines next time you will buy them :) As far as I am concerned, I will not buy all these magazines each month since I have to slow down with spending money. The magazines I will keep buying are Nylon, Looktique, 1stLook and sometimes Cracker Your Wardrobe !

Which magazines caught your attention ?