홍대 ABCD 오랜만이야!

After I took the final exams, I went back to France for Christmas break. I stayed there for one month, and I admit I kinda missed South Korea. 

I came back to Seoul on monday, and it was snowing hard ! The first thing I wanted to do in Seoul was actually watching a performance of the street band 홍대 ABCD ! I already introduced you this street band in a previous post. I am so sad I missed their Christmas concert while I was in France :(

Fortunately, while I was in Hongdae last week, I came across them again ! I was so happy haha! It was pretty cold but there were a lot of street bands performing on that day, they're so brave !

I recorded some of their performances and this time, I manage to have more videos of 신우 singing. The last time, I almost only shot 동호 haha.

Check out their facebook homepage for more information and videos :)

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