When my parents came to South Korea last november, they wanted to visit some historical places. So, I took them to one of the most famous palaces in Seoul : 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung). 

As I mentioned it in before, this palace is located in Gwanghwamun, behind the plaza. It is funny how even the plaza looks different during fall ! 

We went to the palace in late morning, early afternoon. At certain hours, you can get the chance to see the royal guard changing ceremonies. 

Since it was fall, the most interesting thing to see in the palace was, for me, the trees ! I have been to this palace several times, so I did not take a lot of photos. What I liked the most was the colors of the place in autumn. It really had a different feeling. 

Since the entrance is not expensive (3,000 won), I saw many people going there only to spend a peaceful day. There was also a grandfather painting in front of the lake. 

During fall, almost all the trees are golden in South Korea. It is so beautiful ! It's so different from the trees in my country haha. 

After visiting the palace, you can go to the traditional folk village for free. I really like this part !!! But unfortunately, we had to move cause my family got hungry haha. 

Spot my grandmother with her new Korean 할머니 style hahaha. 

You may want to see more photos of the palace architecture and of the folk village, so please visit my instagram profile. I took more photos of these places two years ago :) 

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