D-12 !

A super great weekend awaits me. From February, 28 to March, 2, I will be busy attending music shows. Indeed, I booked tickets for "Grandline Tonight Vol. 4" at club NB in Gangnam, and also for INFINITE and 2NE1's concerts ! I am so happy I am going to see three of my favorite groups : Geeks, INFINITE and 2NE1 :) I still haven't decided if I'm going to 2NE1's after party at club "The A". I actually don't know how you get an invitation.. and school starts the day after haha. If you guys are going to one of these concerts, please let me know ! 

Here are some of my favorite songs !

Geeks - 어딜가나

INFINITE - 남자가 사랑 할 때




Since my roommates are currently traveling around Asia and my Korean friends are busy during weekdays, I have to find some interesting activities to do by myself. Actually meaning that I'm looking for interesting places to visit haha. But, the thing is that I often get lazy or tired, so I choose places close to my dorm. 

When it was not cold as now, I decided to visit Hyehwa since the station is really close to mine. I actually wanted to visit the theaters street but I got lost and ended up somewhere I did not know. 

I was about to turn back but then an old woman talked to me, of course I did not understand a word haha. I guess I looked lost so, I suppose, she told me to keep going forward. I am so embarrassed among elders, so I quickly went up (it was a mountain). What I found was the Naksan park ! Maybe you already saw it in Korean dramas as it is a popular place. It is a neighborhood with street art and a lot of cute coffee shops !

As it was getting colder and the sun was setting, I did not go any further and decided to go back home. 

On my way home, I saw this cute toy-like car hihi. 

If you want to reach Naksan park, take off at Hyehwa station on line 4 and take exit 2 :) 



Starting this year, the last wednesday of every month has been designated as a "Culture Day". On that day you can get free admission or discounts to cultural events and places. 

I actually did not know this before going to the Daelim museum. Then, we discovered that we had a discount on our ticket. The regular price is not high though (5,000 won). 

We went to the exhibition "Magic Magnifier" by the American photographer Ryan McGinley. 
The photos were very interesting. I love the lighting and the atmosphere of each photograph. 
Here are some of my favorite shots, I am sorry, unlike McGinley, I really suck at taking photos haha.

The exhibition will run until Feb, 23rd at Daelim Museum (Gyeongbokgung station, line 3).
More photos on Ryan McGinley's page.