Since my roommates are currently traveling around Asia and my Korean friends are busy during weekdays, I have to find some interesting activities to do by myself. Actually meaning that I'm looking for interesting places to visit haha. But, the thing is that I often get lazy or tired, so I choose places close to my dorm. 

When it was not cold as now, I decided to visit Hyehwa since the station is really close to mine. I actually wanted to visit the theaters street but I got lost and ended up somewhere I did not know. 

I was about to turn back but then an old woman talked to me, of course I did not understand a word haha. I guess I looked lost so, I suppose, she told me to keep going forward. I am so embarrassed among elders, so I quickly went up (it was a mountain). What I found was the Naksan park ! Maybe you already saw it in Korean dramas as it is a popular place. It is a neighborhood with street art and a lot of cute coffee shops !

As it was getting colder and the sun was setting, I did not go any further and decided to go back home. 

On my way home, I saw this cute toy-like car hihi. 

If you want to reach Naksan park, take off at Hyehwa station on line 4 and take exit 2 :) 


  1. Génial le street art <3 Et les poissons magiques. Il faut vraiment que je vienne visiter cet endroit !

  2. Trop chouuuuuuu :3 !

  3. Avengers ! Au moins, ça a le dont de colorer les rues :) J'adore ta nouvelle bannière