I have been so busy since the spring semester started ! You know how I hardly write posts when school starts, but somehow I am even more busier this semester. There is seriously not a week without plans haha. There are few posts pending, I will write them down when I will have the time :) 

Today's post will be about Seoul's Fashion Week for the 14 Fall/Winter collection. The shows were hold at the newly opened Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I am actually not that interested in fashion, you know I'm more into street fashion stuff. So, I was not planning to go to the fashion week but I was invited to a fashion show, so, of course I went there haha. My friend is working as a brand manager for the Korean brand "SOULPOT STUDIO" so I got invited for this show. 

I really really liked the show. The overall atmosphere was so appeasing. I loved the clothes, the way the models walked and the music. Gosh I love their playlist, especially the music "Going Home" by Tom Day. And guess what, I even saw my favorite male model (at the moment), 주우재 (Joo Woojae), at this show. I was surprised. He's so handsome haha. The main female model was 곽지영 (Kwak Jiyoung). She perfectly fits the brand's theme. I recorded some videos at the show, but I didn't bring my camera on that day, so I only had my phone and it's too bright, sorry. 

After the show, we did not know what to do and were too lazy to wait in line for other shows (though I'm not sure how you attend them) so we took a look around. There were few designers' clothes displayed in the building.

I had some plans later on hat day, so I did not want to go back home only for one hour. So Claire and I decided to stay at the DDP in order to look at people's styles. We became street fashion "photographers" (with iPhones) for the rest of the day haha. And well, I really suck at taking photos of people haha.
We also saw many models including my favorite ones 송해나 (Song Haena), 이성경 (Lee Sungkyung), 박형섭 (Park Hyung Seop). We also almost died when 강기용 (Kang Giyong), 남주혁 (Nam Juhyuck) and another guy came haha. 기용's face is so funny, he's always smiling haha.

Haena is so cute ! I was happy to finally see her.

Love these two guys !

I realized I wanted to take a photo of his lovely cat bag, but he did not show it on the photo. I really need to practice before becoming a street fashion photographer haha.

How lovely is Biblee (Lee Sungkyung) ? I took about 98 photos of her, not kidding haha. 

And here are two photos I took with the gorgeous models 송해나 and 박형섭 ! 

In the end, I really enjoyed going to the fashion week. It was an interesting experience. It made me want to go to more fashion shows ! If only I was invited to attend them more often haha.