My university offers a global buddy program which allows exchange students to have a Korean buddy in order to do language exchanges and learn about Korean culture. Besides the basic program, we also have to do some activities with our global buddy team. 

My team decided to go to Minsokchon (민속촌), a Korean folk village located in Yongin, a city close to Seoul (where Everland is located). Although this village is not an authentic one, it is more like an amusement park, I think it is really interesting to visit it. Indeed, you can enjoy a lot of traditional activities such as archery, horse riding, Korean candies making etc. You can also see a traditional Korean wedding (I actually missed the first part...)

Besides, there is a folk museum where you can learn about Korean traditional celebrations and other cultural practices. There is also a section with rides and games haha, totally different from the other sections. 

Here is a short clip of our day in Minsokchon :)



During last winter, I decided to finally visit Bukchon hanok village with Dani. The hanok is the Korean traditional house. They date back to the Joseon Dynasty. As this place is actually a residential area, we had to remain quiet. There are also a lot of restaurants. We actually didn't really visit the center of the area, so it was more about little shops and museum around Bukchon and Samcheongdong. But I am planning to go there again with my sister. 

This place was really charming and quiet. And since the weather was good, it was really pleasant to visit it.