Hello guys! How have you been? It's been a while since my last post... I must say I was very very busy, as I am about to graduate, everything is really tough! Anyway, I have a short break right now, so I decided to write about one of my favorite topics... food! 

People who already visited Korea must know that this country is like food heaven! Especially Seoul, you will always find a place where you can have what you are craving for! So, I want to introduce to you some interesting places, snacks or dishes and for today I will start with sweet food! 

Cafe Peony is a popular café located in Hongdae, the youngsters neighborhood. This small café is specializing in strawberry desserts from strawberry cakes to strawberry bingsoo (shaved ice) ! This café is actually popular for its strawberry bingsoo, but I did not try it yet, yes I'm trying it for sure next time I'm going to Korea! Besides the desserts, you can also order some drinks, just like any coffee shop. As a milk tea lover, that's what I had on that day haha. You can also order the whole cake and take it away, great for a birthday! This shop is very popular, thus you will have to queue before getting the chance to have something, but it's worth the wait! 

Besides being a strawberry lover, I am totally crazy about waffles! I have tried so many waffles in Korea, and I don't know why but they usually taste the same, and I don't like it that much. I like soft waffles which are a bit crispy on the outside. Fortunately, I found two great places! 

The first one is BeansBins Coffee, a popular chain in Korea. They offer several kinds of waffles, with ice cream or fruits. I had the strawberry one of course haha. Their waffles are really huge, I doubt you can have it by yourself! If you add a little bit of mapple syrup, the waffle is just wonderful! 

The second waffle is from Thanks Nature Café. This original café, located in Hongdae, is actually a sheep coffee shop! No you didn't read it wrong, forget about cats and dogs café, this place has cute little sheeps! So, as a strawberry lover, I was obviously going to order the strawberry waffle. Unfortunately, it wasn't the strawberry season anymore... But, instead, I got the chance to try the best waffle of Seoul : the chocolate banana and caramel waffle! The waffle is made with chocolate and the topping with bananas, whipped cream, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Although the topping may sound massive and fat, it isn't too sweet. This waffle is just perfect, and I'm actually happy they didn't have any strawberry at that time because I wouldn't have tried this fantastic waffle. I definitely recommend it!

Osulloc is a Korean chain specializing in green tea. This store is originally from Jeju but as it got popular, it expended to the rest of Korea. You can try various kinds of green tea beverages and cakes, they also have bingsoo! Besides green tea, this store also sells different kinds of tea in small boxes. Since this store is a bit expensive, I've never bought any of their teas, but their scent is amazing! 
You can find this store almost everywhere, one of the biggest stores is located in Insadong. 

Did I tell you I had an obsession with bingsoo last summer? Bingsoo was originally PatBingsoo (팥빙수), a Korean traditional dessert made of red beans, shaved ice and tteok (떡), which is rice cake. Now you can find many variations of bingsoo, for example snowflakes bingsoo (눈꽃빙수) which is made of very thin shaved ice mixed with milk. I actually recommend this kind of bingsoo because it is easier to eat and has more taste than the plain shaved ice. The most popular place for snowflakes bingsoo is Seolbing! You can find this store everywhere as it is very popular. 

The first time I had bingsoo, it wasn't that good, and it wasn't snowflakes bingsoo, so it just tasted like water, and I was really disappointed, I must say I didn't have any bingsoo for one year and a half, such a waste :( But I'm not saying the traditional bingsoo is not good at all, one of my favorite ones is not a snowflakes one! If the bingsoo has ice cream, red beans and rice cakes, I think it can be very sweet and good! For example, the bingsoo on the second photo is from Cafe Terrace in Samcheongdong. The ice was a bit thick, but since the green tea ice cream and the red beans were very sweet, the bingsoo was very good! And with watermelon it was really refreshing, perfect for summer! This bingsoo is a bit expensive, it was around 15,000 won, which is twice the average price, but the place was very cute and relaxing. 

The bingsoo on the first photo is from Add Bing, a café specializing in bingsoo in Garosugil. Green tea bingsoo are actually my favorite, that is why I always choose that one haha. Unlike the traditional bingsoo, this one has no red beans, instead it is filled with a huge amount of green tea ice cream and oreo powder. It was very good! 

Bastille, named after the French prison, is an original cereal ice cream bar located in Itaewon. Their ice cream are made with dry ice to prevent the ice cream from melting too fast. As you can see on the photo above, the visual aspect is also very nice! So, you can choose to have a cereal flavored ice cream : cornflakes, cinnamon toast crunch and choco chex. Then for the topping you can choose from French breakfast, American breakfast, Italian breakfast and New Zealand breakfast. As you can see, there are so many combinations! I don't remember which ice cream I chose, but the topping was French breakfast with the chocolate nougatine. I almost never had ice cream in Korea, that's bingsoo's fault, but that one was definitely good! 

You might know this traditional street snack : Bungeoppang (붕어빵), literally crucian carp bread. You can find this bread almost everywhere as it is a popular snack. The original one is filled with red beans but you can find variations with custard cream and chocolate. My favorite one is custard cream! 

Some street vendors offer original versions of this snack. For example, the ice cream bungeoppang. Instead of the original filling, the cake is filled with yogurt ice cream and also fruits covered with chocolate sauce. The tail of the fish was also surprising, I didn't expect it to be filled with custard cream! You can find the one of the second photo in Hongdae. I didn't really like the ice cream because I am not fond of yogurt ice cream but except that, it was pretty good! 

This is the end of this sweet post! I hope you will enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it :) Before leaving you, here is a bonus! Remember I talked about dragon beard candy, or kkultarae (꿀타래) in an older post? This sweet treat, known as kings' dessert, is made of honey and is filled with nuts, chocolate, sesame... You can find this snack in the streets and enjoy a little show as the candy maker is explaining each step of its confection. So, here is a video of this candy making :) 

Let me know which snacks you already tried or that you would like to try!
Don't hesitate to share your favorite food places as well :) 


  1. OH MON DIEU ! J'adore ton article, la bouffe forcément 8D J'espère que tu vas bien ? Bon courage pour tes cours, j'imagine que ça doit-être difficile. Je sais où aller manger si je vais un jour à Séoul ! Tes clichés donnent envie :)

    1. Contente que ça te plaise ;) J'espère que le jour où tu iras à Séoul, ça te plaira davantage haha !

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! 축하해!!! on graduating Wooooooop!!! hehe :D xx
    wooah all the cafes and the cakes looks amazing I sometimes wish london had cafes like these ^^
    super jealous ~<3 i really enjoyed the post
    Sindy xx

    1. I bet London has nice places too! I love british cakes :b