If you have ridden the subway in South Korea, you may have noticed that everybody had their eyes on their smartphones. I noticed that when Korean people were not watching TV, texting or reading news, they were usually reading webtoons. 

Webtoons, or webcomics, are comics that you can read online, they are usually uploaded on a weekly basis. Instead of the traditional method where artists have to print their work and hand it to the publishers before people can actually read it, the webtoons system allowed them to directly upload their work on webtoons platforms without having to deal with publishers. This is the perfect solution for amateur artists who don't have much experience in this field and want to quickly expose their work.

With the digitalization of media, webtoons' popularity increased significantly. Some series got so popular that they were turned into stationery characters. Some were even made into movies or dramas!

Since I was seeing those characters everywhere in Korea, I was curious about them, so my friends told me they were from webtoons. After some researches, I found out Naver, one of the webtoons publishers, released an English version for their app! And that's how my love for webtoons began haha. For those who are not familiar with webtoons, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite ones!

Cheese in the Trap 치즈인더트랩 by soonkki
Hong Seol is a hardworking student who has returned to school after taking a long break. She is suddenly involved with Yoo Jung, the perfect student, who is starting to act nice towards Seol, although he was kind of ignoring her a year ago. Then her life starts to dramatically change.
This webtoon is my favorite one, far from being a cheesy love story it cleverly mixes mystery with romance and comedy. The author knows how to keep you on suspense even after you read the first seasons. There will be a drama adapted from this webtoon, I can't wait to watch it!

The Sound of Your Heart | 마음의소리 by Cho Seok
This webtoon deals with real life (or not that real haha) situations. Each episode brings a new topic and is filled with humor and sarcasm. Since every episode is different, you don't really have to diligently read the webtoon, you can read it when you're bored haha. The humor is very Korean haha, but I really enjoy reading it!
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Smile Brush | 스마일 브러시 by Waroo
Smile Brush is about the daily life of Waroo, the author. I assume he is telling real episodes of his life haha. The webtoon is very cute and funny at the same time, you will quickly love Waroo! The author also wrote another series about his old memories.
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The Stories of Those Around Me | 아는사람 이야기 by omyo
This webtoon is about the love lives of three good friends : Mira, Jung-A and Summer. Since the characters are all very different, each of them deal with love and relationships in a different way. The story is quite simple but I enjoy it. What is more, the graphics are really good, it is really pleasant to read this webtoon!
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Tales of the Unusual | 기기괴괴 by Seongdae Oh
In this webtoon, the author writes about paranormal and horror stories. The stories are not that scary, you would say they are more like urban myths, and I guess that is why I like it. I also really like the drawing style of the author. You should give it a try if you're seeking something original to read!

Are you familiar with webtoons? Which ones are your favorite?


  1. Cheese in the trap is definitely one of webtoon masterpiece! I just started reading the series not long after they announced that 치인트 will be adapted to drama and I'm totally hooked with the story! :DDD

    1. Agree! Can't wait to watch the drama version :)

  2. J'ai toujours été intriguée et fan de voir ces beaux dessins. mais je s'avais pas du tout qu'ils étaient traduits en anglais. Merci un million de fois 8D Je vais pouvoir les lire

    1. J'espère que ces petites reco te plairont ;)