I talked about bingsoo, a Korean dessert made of shaved ice, in one of my last articles. Did you know you could have some in Paris? Indeed, the Korean bakery chain Paris Baguette opened its doors in Paris last year, and now you can try their bingsoos! When my Korean friend told me about that, I was excited to try it! 

Paris Baguette serves three kinds of flavors : strawberry, mango and tiramisu. As I said in an old article, there are two kinds of bingsoos : the traditional one which is basically ice, and the snowflakes one which has very thin bits of ice mixed with ice cream (or maybe it is only ice cream?). And the one in Paris has the first type, the bingsoo with thick ice. 

So, was it similar to the Korean taste? First, I must say I was disappointed they didn't have the traditional bingsoo with red beans. But I guess they wanted to suit French people taste, maybe they will introduce this flavor later!
And instead of condensed milk, they put something like yogurt or cream cheese, which added more sourness. But since I like sour desserts, it was okay for me. Overall, I was satisfied with it, since it was really hot, these desserts were really refreshing! And, I finally got the opportunity to try the mango bingsoo! If you don't have the chance to try the original bingsoo, I think you can give this one a try, it's not as good as snowflake bingsoo, but still good during this hot season ;)


Besides bingsoo, Paris Baguette also has some pastries and breads. The pastries are totally affordable (compared to other pastry shops). And I noticed they had some breads similar to the ones they sell in South Korea!

Do you like bingsoos? Have you tried the one from Paris Baguette? :)


  1. Omg, the pictures look so nice! :) I did try Bingsoo from PB, from a branch in Philly though haha. I think it was green tea? :)
    Junniku blog!

    1. Thank you!! Really? Lucky you, green tea is my fav but they don't have it here :(

  2. Looks delicious and pretty <3

    Big Dreamer

  3. Purée que ça donne faim ! J'ai une vilaine envie de pâtisseries en ce moment en plus 8D Toujours aussi "succulentes" tes photos