If you have been following me for a while, you might know that I love the Korean group INFINITE. I basically saw them five times since I started writing in this blog. 

The group is currently on a world tour and once again they stopped by Paris! The first time they came to France was in 2013, and unfortunately, I couldn't attend the concert because I was in South Korea, taking my exams haha. 
I was already in Paris last week, so it was the opportunity for me to see them for the first time in France! 

The concert took place at a very fancy place : the "Casino de Paris". The venue was very small and there were actually not a lot of people, so I could secure a good spot and enjoy the concert! The last concerts I have been to were in South Korea, and the venues were so big that I forgot what it was like to attend a small concert haha. 

I mainly went to this concert to hear Infinite's latest songs and particularly Sunggyu's solo song "Kontrol".  The performance was impressive and Sunggyu was absolutely stunning! The other members also did a good job, most of them definitely improved their skills. I was a bit sad for Hoya though, he couldn't join the dance performances because of his legs. But he showed us amazing vocal and rapping skills. I was surprised at how good his rapping skills got, especially during the performance of "바빠서 Sorry"

Overall, the concert was very good. French fanbases and inspirits put a lot of efforts into making this concert a memorable one. I am not planning to write a concert fan account here, I suggest you to check my fancams of the concert at the end of the article or here :) 

I will also share with you some photos I took during the concert. I am sorry they are not HQ, my camera is good for videos but not that much for photos, especially for concerts. But, I had so much fun taking photos and videos, I hope you will like them ♡ It was basically the first time I took photos during a concert without being pushed by the crowd, and being scared of getting caught, so I was really excited haha. Beware, there are lot of photos ;) 

I hope you like these photos :) You can also watch all my fancams below:

Did you attend this concert as well? What were your impressions?
Please share your experience :)


  1. before reading this post, i watched some of your fancams on youtube haha! thank you for sharing :)
    i also enjoyed infinite effect a lot! they had a lot of fun for sure, and feel more comfortable because it's the second time in paris. i attended both, but i can't say i prefer ogs or infinite effect...
    i hope we won't have to wait 675 days for the next concert!

    1. You're welcome :D The funny thing is I just saw your photos of the concert on twitter haha, they're so beautiful :)
      I have no idea what OGS was like in Paris, but they sure enjoyed the concert as much as we did this time, I feel really happy :)

    2. haha really!! thanks for your comment about my pictures :D

      i feel happy too and can't wait to meet them again!

  2. Ah, I wish more groups would be able to come to the UK. I really love all these photos, they turned out so good, I'm glad you had a good time!:-)

    1. Thank you :) I think more and more kpop groups will go to the UK in the future, since it is getting more popular :) Their agencies will finally learn the meaning of "world tour" haha.