Hi there! I know it's been a while since my last post... Actually I have been thinking a lot about the topics I could write about, and I was always hesitating, and ended up postponing everything. And honestly, this blog was originally about South Korea and its culture, but since I came back to France, I found it difficult to write about it. So, I might just write about things not related to South Korea, in order to keep this blog alive! If I can stick to this duty haha!

This being said, I wanted to tell you that I went to Seoul for a short time (less than a week!) and even though the last time I went there was in 2014, many things have changed, I kind of found myself lost in this city haha. I did not do much sightseeing, I was mainly there to see my friends, but I still have some stories to share!

During my short trip, I got to see one of the "new" hot places for fashionistas: Common Ground. Located in Konkuk University area, these impressive blue containers are actually a pop-up store where you can find rare and trendy items.

Common Ground has a fresh and urban mood, you can take a break at the restaurants and cafés at the terrace on the third floor, and enjoy the view at the same time. If you feel like eating western street food, you will find food trucks outside the store. I was actually dying to try them but I had other (great) plans for lunch, I wish I had more time to visit everything!

Doesn't it feel like a movie set? I love this atmosphere!

This place is also popular for its weekend market and events. I went there with my friend because she wanted to go to a flea market held by DC Tribe, an exclusive hip hop community in South Korea. They sold various things, from hip hop stuff to pop culture stuff. I realized I almost didn't take any photo haha.

Various performances were held all day long by amateur singers and rappers.

The highlight of this event was the small hip hop concert held at night. We enjoyed performances by Minje, Kirin, 45RPM, Deep Flow, Nucksal, Yumdda and secret guest: Simon Dominic! The concert was fun and lasted longer than expected, I even missed the last subway and bus haha. 

I thought I took photos of all the artists, but I realized I didn't, sorry :( But, I do have some clips of Simon Dominic's performance :)


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    i'm curious what do you take your pictures with ?

    1. Hello! I took the photos of this article with a Lumix GM1.